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The Straumann® Guitar

Straumann® CARES® Pre-milled Abutment Blank

With Straumann® CARES® Pre-milled Abutment Blanks you can produce original Straumann one-piece customized titanium abutments with your in-house milling equipment. Boost your efficiency by using your in-house milling machine and, additionally, benefit from the original Straumann implant-abutment connection.

Straumann® n!ce™ glass-ceramic: n!ce™ to meet you

With n!ce™ – Straumann’s unique proprietary, fully crystallized glass-ceramic – you benefit from added convenience and time saving. The name n!ce™ means it’s simple to use and very reliable, provides a natural finish and a highly esthetic look of your CAD/CAM restorations. Simply mill, polish and seat, no crystallization process required. Turn time spent milling into time spent smiling!

Straumann® Ceramic

Straumann provides a large range of zirconium-dioxide ceramics in various translucency levels for single-tooth up to full-arch restorations – enjoy high flexibility, cost-effective and predictable prosthetic outcomes.

The pick guard consists of:
zerion® LT (low translucency), 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ Plus zirconia (high translucency), zerion® ML (multi-layered highly translucent zirconia), zerion® UTML (multi-layered ultra-highly translucent zirconia), zerion® GI (low translucency, gingiva-shaded zirconia).
ZI (low translucency), ZOLID HT (high translucency), ZOLID SHT (super-high translucency), ZOLID SHT ML (multi-layered super-high translucency)

Straumann® screws for Straumann® CARES® Abutments

Straumann® screws are part of our precisely harmonized system combining excellent quality and great flexibility. They are designed for remarkable endurance and durability you can fully rely on.

Straumann® GI

Straumann® GI is a unique gingiva-shaded zirconium dioxide especially suitable for gingiva former and bar design.

NEW in our CARES® centralized milling portfolio as of IDS / April 2017.

Blanks for Straumann® CARES® Abutments

We have developed the Straumann® CARES® Customized Abutments to provide you with the foundation for exceptional restorative results. The high design flexibility combined with the high standards of precision make our customized abutments an outstanding benefit for practitioners and dental technicians. CARES® Abutments feature a customized shape and patient-specific emergence profile with validated long-term performance thanks to the original Straumann connection.

Available in zirconium dioxide, Titanium, TAN, NEW in cobalt chromium as of IDS / April 2017

Straumann® CARES® Bar

Straumann® CARES® Screw-retained Bridges and Bars provide an excellent solution in challenging cases. This one-piece solution – milled out of one block of material, directly placed on implants or on Straumann® Screw-retained Abutments (Bone Level) – features high design flexibility and offers Straumann quality, fit and mechanical performance. Let your patients benefit from the precision and peace of mind.